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Automated email, also referred to as triggered email or behavior-driven email, is any message automatically sent by your email service provider (ESP) in response to an individual user’s actions.

  • Welcome Email
  • Loyalty Discounts
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Purchase Upsell
  • Happy Birthday Email

Automation Samples

Welcome Emails

Your subsribers will appreciate the warm "Thank You" note and you'll appreciate the 33% spike in long-term engagement. In ecommerce, it’s a way to say thank you for joining and an opportunity to give tips and tricks on what you offer and how to get the best out of the stuff that you’re selling. Welcome emails have shown to have incredible open and click rates when compared to regular email campaigns. Because of their increased ability to drive sales, welcome emails place a premium price on having a clear and understandable call-to-action (CTA) that is designed to drive more sales.

Abandoned Cart Emails

About 70% of ecommerce shoppers abandon their cart. Bring customers back to your site to complete checkout with an automated campaign reminding them to complete their purchase or giving them an incentive to do so. Any sort of abandoned process indicates a customer with a high intent to buy. Incentives can come in many forms, but usually they mean discounts. They can also mean other things, like free shipping or priority customer service. Don't forget to feature the forgotten items.

Research shows one email reminder isn't enough. Brands sending three emails saw a 56% increase in revenue compared to those sending just one email, according to Experian. Three is the magic number.

First email: basic reminder, sent 4 hrs after the cart is abandoned
Second email: another reminder with a sense of urgency like "these items are going fast"
Third email: final reminder with 10% off, sent 48 hours later only to people who have never made a purchase

Providing a discount is a great way to welcome new customers. You can say, "You’re a first time customer! Enjoy this special discount." Don’t create the expectation that every abandoned cart will lead to a discount because people might deliberately abandon a cart.

Reactivation Coupons

Coupons work. Adding a coupon to your first cart abandonment email can boost your transaction rate by 54%.

The only thing customers love more than a coupon is free shipping. The cost of shipping actually scares a lot of customers away, and cause 55% of online shoppers to abandon their cart in the first place. You can often bring a customer back to the checkout by offering free shipping via email.

Target people based on behavior, preferences, and sales.

Email automation can help you convert leads into customers. The automatic emails are timely, personalized and super-relevant to the reader. As a result, they are opened and clicked more frequently and drive visits and revenue for your business. An automatic email campaign is set up once and then automatically sent to a particular individual when that person meets a certain trigger.